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Other IT Courses

Other IT Courses

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Other IT Courses

Computer Basics Training and Courses
CompTIA Security+ Training
CompTIA A+ Training
ITIL Foundation v3 Course Training
Adobe Photoshop Training and Courses
Adobe DREAMWEAVER Training and Courses
Adobe FLASH Training
Prince 2 – Foundation


Computer Basics Training and Courses

Bootcamp, Part-time, Evening, Weekend, Distance
COST (£) :
1 Week
Help an individual to grasp basic understanding of computers hardware and software
Entry Level of IT Course
EXAMS: none
– Computer Architecture
– Computer Hardware
– What is an Operating System
– What is an application software
– How to use Microsoft word processor
– File systems
– Internet and Communications
– Computer Programming
– Computer Networking
– Web technologies

CompTIA Security+ Training

Evening, Weekend, Fulltime, Part-time, Distance
COST (£): 790
DURATION: 5 weeks
CompTIA Security+ Training introduces the candidate to Information Security concepts. Our Comptia Security+ Training is designed to prepare the candidate for the Comptia Security+ Exam. The training covers a large selection of topics including encryption, data backup and recovery, laws and regulations, viruses and malware.
Network Administrator, Information Security Specialist
CompTIA Security+ – SYS-101
Identifying Security Threats
– Identify Social Engineering Attacks
– Classify Software Attacks
– Identify Hardware Attacks
Hardening Internal Systems and Services
– Harden Base Operating Systems
– Harden Directory Services
– Harden DHCP Servers
– Harden Network File and Print Servers
Hardening Internetwork Devices and Services
– Harden Internetwork Connection Devices
– Harden DNS and BIND Servers
– Harden Web Servers
– Harden FTP Servers
– Harden Network News Transport Protocol (NNTP) Servers
– Harden Email Servers
– Harden Conferencing and Messaging Servers
Securing Network Communications
– Secure Network Traffic Using IP Security (IPSec)
– Secure Wireless Traffic
– Secure Client Internet Access
– Secure the Remote Access Channel
Managing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
– Install a Certificate Authority (CA) Hierarchy
– Harden a Certificate Authority
– Back Up Certificate Authorities
– Restore a Certificate Authority
Managing Certificates
– Enroll Certificates for Entities
– Secure Network Traffic Using Certificates
– Renew Certificates
– Revoke Certificates
– Back Up Certificates and Private Keys
– Restore Certificates and Private Keys
Enforcing Organizational Security Policy
– Enforce Corporate Security Policy Compliance
– Enforce Legal Compliance
– Enforce Physical Security Compliance
– Educate Users
Monitoring the Security Infrastructure
– Scan for Vulnerabilities
– Monitor for Intruders
– Set Up a Honey pot
– Respond to Security Incidents

CompTIA A+ Training

Evening, Weekend, Fulltime, Part-time, Distance
COST (£): 790
DURATION: 5 weeks
CompTIA A+ certification is an international industry credential that validates the knowledge of computer service technicians with the equivalent of 500 hours of hands-on experience. Major hardware and software vendors, distributors and resellers accept CompTIA A+ as the standard in foundation-level, vendor-neutral certification for service technicians.
IT Support Technician
CompTIA A+ (2 exams to be sat)

A+ Certification Training – Computer Introduction
– Working on Computers
– Personal and Environmental Safety
– Safe Electrical Handling
– Basic Computer Structure
– The Computer System
– The System Components
– Connected Peripherals
– Computer Software
A+ Certification Training – The System Board
– Chip Sets
– Microprocessors
– Memory Systems
– Advanced Memory Structures
– Addressing Input/Output Devices
– Adapter Cards
– Troubleshooting the Board
– Hardware Troubleshooting
A+ Certification Training – Connecting Peripherals
– Expansion Slots
– Parallel Ports
– Serial Ports
– Troubleshooting Port Problems
– Power Supplies
– Troubleshooting Peripherals
A+ Certification Training – Operating Systems
– Introduction to Operating Systems
– Bootup Initialization
– Bootup CMOS Setup
– The Bootup Routine
A+ Certification Training – MS-DOS
– MS-DOS Structure
– DOS Disk Structure
– DOS Commands and Utilities
– Drives and Directories
– Files and Filenames
– Basic DOS Memory
– Additional DOS Memory
– Configuring DOS
– Installing DOS
A+ Certification Training – Windows 9x and 2000
– Installing Windows 9x and 2000
– Starting Windows 9x and 2000
– Using Windows
– Installing Windows 9x and 2000
A+ Certification Training – Disk Drives
– Introduction to Disk Drives
– Disk Drive Operations
– Floppy Disk Drives
– Hard Drives
– Hard Drive Interfaces
– Hard Drive Installation
– Hard Drive Troubleshooting
A+ Certification Training – Monitors
– Introduction to Monitors
– VGA Adapters
– Video Troubleshooting
– Servicing the Monitor
A+ Certification Training – Modems
– Introduction to Modems
– Communication Protocols
– The Serial Interface
– Communicating with the Modem
– Troubleshooting Modems
A+ Certification Training – Printers
– Types of Printers
– Installing Printers
– Dot-Matrix Printers
– Troubleshooting Dot-Matrix Printers
– Ink-Jet Printers
– Troubleshooting Ink-Jet Printers
– Laser Printers
– Troubleshooting Laser Printers
– Troubleshooting Windows Print Problems
A+ Certification Training – Networks
– Local Area Networks
– LAN Protocols
– LAN Setup
– Troubleshooting LANs
– Wide Area Netoworks
– Using WANs/The Internet
A+ Certification Training – Troubleshooting
– Initial Troubleshooting Tips
– Software Diagnostics
– Hardware Troubleshooting
– Tracking Down Problems
– Operating Systems Troubleshooting
– Problems Starting Windows 9x and 2000
– Isolating Windows 9x and 2000 Problems
A+ Certification Training – Maintenance Tasks
– Preventive Maintenance
– Preventing and Detecting Viruses
– Maintaining Hard Drives
– Maintaining Floppy Disk Drives
– Maintaining Printers

ITIL Foundation v3 Course Training

Bootcamp, Evening, Weekend
COST (£): 720
During the course, delegates will gain knowledge of the internationally recognised best practice terminology, structure, basic concepts and the core principles of ITIL ® v2 practices for Service Management.
Project Managers, Service Managers
EXAMS: ITIL Foundations

ITIL IT Service Management Processes
– Service Desk: Understanding its role and function in the IT infrastructure and its relationship with Service Management.
ITIL Service Support Processes
– Incident Management: Definition of an incident, description of Incident Control (including recording, classification, co-ordination, matching and resolution)
– Problem Management: Definition of a problem and known error, proactive problem management (identification of problems and prevention of further incidents)
– Configuration Management: Defining a configuration item and the configuration management database; impact of Configuration Management on other IT processes.
– Change Management: Definition of a change and request for change (RFC); description of change control and change procedures; role of the change advisory board (CAB) and CAB/EC (for handling urgent changes).
– Release Management: Scope and concepts; definition of definitive software library(DSL) and definitive hardware store (DHS); description of planning, testing and implementing.
ITIL Service Delivery Processes
– Service Level Management: Definition of a service catalogue; identifying, negotiating, monitoring and reviewing service level agreements (SLAs).
– Financial Management for IT Services: Reviews of budgeting, charging and IT accounting; analysis of running costs and charging policies.
– Availability Management: Review of reliability, availability, resilience, maintainability and serviceability, calculating availability, review of planning, monitoring and reporting.
– Capacity Management: Review of application sizing, workload, performance, demand and resource management and their inputs to modeling, definition of the capacity management database and contents of the capacity plan.
– IT Service Continuity Management: Re-view of business continuity, risk analysis and risk management, defining assets, threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures (protection and recovery), development, testing and maintenance of the IT Service Continuity Plan, IT recovery options and management roles.

Adobe Photoshop Training and Courses

Evening, Weekend, Fulltime, Distance
COST (£): 590
DURATION: 5 weeks –
Adobe Photoshop Training / Course will teach you how to use this revolutionary application (Adobe Photoshop). You will cover the Photoshop Interface, Photo Manipulation and all concepts as set out for the Adobe Photoshop Exam
Graphic Design, Web Design
Adobe Photoshop

– Adobe Photoshop Intro
– The Adobe Photoshop Work Area
– File Browser
– Basic Photo Correction in Adobe Photoshop
– Working with Selections
– Adobe Photoshop Layer Basics
– Masks and Channels
– Retouching and Repairing photos in Adobe Photoshop
– Painting and Editing in Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Photoshop’s Basic Pen Techniques
– Vectors in Adobe Photoshop
– Advanced Layer Techniques in Adobe Photoshop
– Special Effects Adobe Photoshop
– Preparing images for two color printing in Adobe Photoshop
– Layer Objects in Adobe Imageready
– Creating links
– Optimizing Images for the Web in Adobe Photoshop
– Rollovers
– Animated gifs
– Producing and Printing Consistent Color

Adobe DREAMWEAVER Training and Courses

Evening, Weekend, Fulltime, Distance
COST (£): 590
DURATION: 5 weeks
Adobe Dreamweaver training / course in the Latest Version of the leading Web Design Application – Dreamweaver – will help you get to grips with this award winning application. Learn how to design websites, how to use the Dreamweaver Interface, HTML. Our Dreamweaver Training should equip you with enough knowledge to be able to sit and pass the Dreamweaver Exam as set by Adobe
Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development
Adobe Dreamweaver
– Getting acquainted with Dreamweaver
– Cascading Style Sheets in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Working with Text in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Designing with Images in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Inserting links in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Page Layouts in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Interactive Pages in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Ajax in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Constructing Forms in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Multimedia in Adobe Dreamweaver
– Publishing to the Web with Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe FLASH Training

Evening, Weekend, Fulltime, Distance
COST (£): 590
DURATION: 5 weeks
Adobe Flash Training / Course will prepare you for the exams as set by Adobe. The Flash training / course covers all aspects of using Adobe Flash Interface to design interesting and captivating Web Sites. As part of the Adobe Flash Training you will also cover basic ActionScript Training
Flash Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer
Adobe Flash exams
– Getting acquainted with Flash
– Working with Graphics in Adobe Flash
– Symbols
– Text in Adobe Flash
– Animation in Adobe Flash
– Interactive Files in Adobe Flash
– ActionScript
– Components in Adobe Flash
– Sound and Video in Adobe Flash
– Loading and Optimizing Flash Content

Prince 2 – Foundation

Evening, Weekend, Fulltime
COST (£): 720
DURATION: 2 weeks
PRINCE2 is an approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scaleable method for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide. To become a Registered Prince 2 Practitioner, you MUST pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Examination and then the Practitioner Examination, in that order.
PRINCE2 Foundation is recommended for project and team leaders, junior project managers or staff employed in team manager, project support and project assurance roles in a PRINCE2 environment. No previous experience required.
Prince2 Foundation Exam
– Projects and project management
– Benefits of a structured approach
– Overview of PRINCE2
– The PRINCE2 process model
– PRINCE2 management products
– Developing a business case
– Project organisation and project management team roles
– Project assurance and support
– Plans and the product-based planning technique
– Controls, including Work Packages and Checkpoint reports
– Management of risk
– Quality in a project environment
– Change control and configuration management
– Project document management
– The PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate Examination