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London Metro College | The Top 5 Keys To Getting Your Accounting Career Off To A Good Start
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The Top 5 Keys To Getting Your Accounting Career Off To A Good Start

An Accounting career is an honourable profession. Learning how to record, control and publish transaction takes a little more than adding up columns. You will need education, training and an aptitude for working with numbers. It’s not just about math.

You will need to pursue the profession by obtaining qualification and a membership into a certifying accountancy association. That means you’ll need to be qualified by a certification program in accounting. Qualifications require training and working with accounting clients after you receive certifications. Careers in accounting are self-regulated in the UK with regulatory action enforced by a number of professional associations such as ACCA, ICAEW, CIPFA, CIMA, ICAS, and ICAI.

The 5 keys you need to know about a career in accounting are as follows:

  1. Plenty of jobs – there are always openings for accountants in every field of industry. You won’t ever have to worrying about being without a job. Every industry in every country needs an accountant.
  2. The pay is good – since accountants know the business, they tend to receive raises more often than other employees. They also help companies save tons of money every year.
  3. Promotion is easy – promotion come easy to accountants because they understand the business. Many go on to become CFOs (Chief Financial Officer) and even on to CEOs (Chief Executive Officer).
  4. You get to work for great companies – you’ll be able to work at any company you want from a government accountant to a general company or even work in the private sector and have tons of clients.
  5. Communication – when you have a career in accounting, you normally end up becoming a communication specialist. That means you know everything that goes on in a company from who the clients are to how much arepaying in taxes, who gets the raises.

Entering the field of accounting can greatly enhance your career. Taking a course and learning the software that governs accounting is not always easy. However, there is a lot of fun in enhancing your career in accounting with London Metro College.